Shree Narayan Swami Enterprises is a leading and well known Manufacturers and Exporters of Pulses, Spices, Grains, Oil Seeds, Dry Fruit and whole Spices in Rajasthan. We have been known in the Industry for delivering only the quality products. Our belief is that the customers deserve only the most supreme commodities so as to maintain their health and wealth. Our supreme commodities include Watermelon Kernel, Peanuts, Fenugreek seeds, Cumin and our other major commodities comprises of dry fruits, coconut, grains, oil seeds, powder, pulses and whole spices.

With keeping in mind the quality of products, we also believe that taste and nutrition is also the most important factor in any type of food product and so we take utmost care of taste in all our products. We believe in neither compromising with the quality of our products nor with the taste and nutriotion.Our products not only enhance the nutritions and taste of any food, but also make any dish more beautiful and add a feeling of freshness to the food. And thanks to lord, this has helped us to become and remain as one of the Industry's leader. We have achieved all this only and only because customers and their health is valuable for us rather than money.

Our Vision

Our vision is our aim which is to provide the best quality spices, pulses, grains, oil, seeds and dry fruit to the people and hence ensuring they get good products for maintaining their health. We want to serve society delivering only the best products and hence saving them from fake products ruining their health.


Keeping in mind all the factors like safety, hygiene etc. we built our units and they comprise of state-of-the-art infrastructure having all the necessary equipments and facilities. All our units are upgraded regularly. We have a manufacturing unit, a packaging unit and here we produce and export all our products.

Our Mission

Our mission is to become a business leader and strive for excellence so as to provide our customers with only the best products.
We also aim to make our business worldwide and have a global reach and make our people and our country proud.

Our Clients

We are proud to share that we have a large network of clients all across the globe and in India too. This all is due to our commitment in providing only the best products at affordable prices. Due to our services we have a goodwill in the market as all our customers are satisfied by our services and products and some even refer our company to others.

Quality Assurance

All our products like spices, grains, pulses, oil etc. are manufactured and packed in safe and hygienic environment and are verified and double-checked by our very own health professionals working in our manufacturing and packaging unit. 


Our Team

For any corporation to succeed and excel in its field, an efficient team is required. Team comprises of people from the junior positions to the people sitting at senior positions and we are proud of our team because of their dedication and their strive for excellence. Our competitve workforce help us to achieve desired results.